You can pursue your passion and still work for someone else

Passion isn’t an input, it’s an output

You can work for someone else and still be pursuing your passion

The truth is, working for someone else can be the easiest way to find your passion, if you are open to it.

Martin Luther King’s Dream

Great Leaders don’t create vision, they embody the vision of their followers

When you’re working for yourself, it’s your vision. When you have followers, it’s their vision.

You now have the difficult, selfless, stressful, but ultimately rewarding pursuit of helping others realize a shared dream together, where they own an equal or larger piece of the vision.

Aside: Heroes and Villains

Likewise, the vision holder for the other side’s competing point of view’s leader is often branded as a villain. This is done to make the goal of winning more tractable. It’s easier for the average person to imagine defeating a single person, than to fight against something more amorphous like a competing point of view.

It’s important to remember when a villain is defeated, that does not mean the villain’s followers will automatically flip over to support the hero. Instead, they must be won over individually, over time, with great effort. Greater than the effort it took to defeat the villain in the first place.



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